Jack’s 1st Birthday

Jack’s 1st Birthday- Cookie Monster Cake Smash

Jack’s 1st Birthday- Cookie  Monster Cake Smash

Cake smashes are one of my most favourite sessions to shoot. I shot my daughters on her first birthday just over a year ago and I was super excited to get to shoot my sons this year. So much goes into a cake smash session picking a theme, designing the set, making the banners, planning the cake.

Our little man has always loved food, especially cookies so it was very easy to choose his smash theme!

Just love his face in the above left image… ‘I wonder if they’ll notice me taking another cookie!’….

Above right… ‘It’ll be ok if I share them!!’

Once he realized it was ok to eat them he was all smiles! He is such a happy baby all the time, even when he isn’t happy he usually has a smile on his face.

As much as we thought he would be all over his cake he really didn’t dive in like we expected. He was much happier with the chocolate chip cookies. So Daddy assisted in the smashing part!

One of the best parts about taking my own kids cake smash photos….. I get to actually try the cake! Yolo Rainbow cakes  makes absolutely delicious cakes!! If you’re in the Port Alberni area and looking for someone to make a cake or cupcakes, we would highly recommend them!


Happy 1st Birthday sweet little man! We can’t wait to see where the next year takes you. We love you!

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