Aaliyah and Addison- Best Friend Glitter Session

Aaliyah and Addison- Best Friend Glitter Session

Aaliyah and Addison- Best Friend Glitter Session

Aaliyah and Addison thought they were just having a regular ol’ play date yesterday. Little did they know their moms had a surprise up their sleeves! Head over to my facebook page to see the video of the girls finding out that they got to do a glitter session:Ā Glitter session surprise VIDEO!!

I absolutely love surprises, especially when I get to be a part of them!

To say the girls were a little giddy would be an understatement! It’s a good thing we didn’t need to take any serious pictures of these two, because they were all smiles from the second they showed up, until the time they left.


You wouldn’t think it, but shaking the glitter off after the session is a TON OF FUN!! See: GLITTER SHAKE VIDEO!

I I am so happy the girls had such a great time during their glitter session! They are one of my most favourite sessions to shoot.

We just received a new shipment of dresses in, we now offer sessions for children ages 2 to 8.
If you have a little girl that loves to get dolled up and loves all things shiny contact me today for session information. These sessions are PERFECT for individuals, friends, cousins, sisters and they make wonderful birthday gifts!


  1. How much for a glitter session for a 2 & 4 year old?
    This would be so adorable for my nieces,

    Also, Iā€™d like to look into planning a different session for my boys (ages 7,6&2)

  2. Hey Alisha, I just realized your message was from March. I just received the notification today, I will have to look into that. If you’re still looking for information on the glitter sessions and something for your boys please shoot me a message on the contact me page. I would love to chat!

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