!!! GLITTER !!!

What could possibly be more fun to a little girl than dressing up like a princess, dancing in, rolling in and and getting to play in a ton of glitter!? Nothing that I can think of!

We met Daelynn and Ayla about month ago when we did their family Christmas session, we knew when we met them that they would be the perfect little models, and boy were we right! The girls arrived at the studio with their mom, a little shy at first, however that passed quite quickly once we got them all dressed up in their sparkly dresses and gave them big handfuls of glitter.

I absolutely love sessions where kids can just be kids, allowing them to do something they wouldn’t regularly be allowed to do, because who in their right mind gives 2- 4 year olds a big bowl of glitter!? any child for that matter!… I DO!! maybe I’m crazy, but I love capturing real emotion in my images and these are as real as it gets.

I would be lying if I said I wasn’t worried about the mess that these sessions were going to create. I was pleasantly surprised! They made a lot less mess than expected, and the mess that was made was 100% worth it!! Witnessing the excitement and absolute joy on the girls’ faces when they got to blow, throw, dance and mush their feet in piles of glitter has definitely been the highlight of my week.

SO – MUCH – GLITTER!! Look at their feet!


Huge thank you to Daelynn and Ayla’s mom, Kristy for sending us this video of the girls after their session!! (Click on the link to watch) There is nothing more rewarding as a photographer than hearing how much clients enjoyed their session.

After months of searching for the perfect dresses,  the perfect backdrop and making multiple trips to Nanaimo for glitter; I am so excited to announce that we are FINALLY offering GLITTER SESSIONS in Port Alberni!!!  These sessions are perfect for kids 3 -10 years old, we provide the dresses and the glitter, all you need to do is show up! For more information about these sessions please send us a message on our Contact us Page or shoot us a PM on our Facebook page


  1. These are adorable! Glitter is a young girls dream! Awesome picture idea. It’s cool to watch them enjoy and laugh through pictures

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