Caitlynn- Model Session

“What!? there is no way she is only 12!”  is all I could think when Caitlynn’s mom told me how old she was. There was no way this girl standing in front of me was 12 years old, I would have guessed 16 at least! After her session I still don’t quite believe it, although there were a few times when a glimmer of her pre-teen silliness came through while running and dancing down the pier at the quay but lets be honest, if I didn’t have a camera in my hand and my camera bag on my shoulder I would have been doing the exact same thing!
Harbour Quay- Port Alberni
Caitlynn listened to pose suggestions,  executed them and made them look absolutely gorgeous without any hesitation, while having to worry about her hair blowing all over the place because of the ridiculously strong winds. During our session Caitlynn shared that she hopes to one day get into modelling, and this was her first photoshoot.
Harbour Quay- Port Alberni
I probably should have asked for her autograph because you can guarantee we will see her again on the front page of a magazine or walking a runway somewhere! Working with Caitlynn was an absolute joy and I hope to get to work with her again in the future.. If you’re reading this and you have contacts in the modelling industry.. this girl needs to be discovered!!!
Harbour Quay- Port Alberni

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